BEKA Garment and Textile is very well aware of the ethical standard that has to be mentioned.

  • It ensures that employment is freely chosen.
  • Freedom of ethical association.
  • Working conditions is safe and hygienic.
  • BEKA committed that child labor is abhorred
  • Wages and paid on time accurately.
  • Working condition and hours are within limit.
  • BEKA never believes in discrimination.

Environmental Best Practice of BEKA:

BEKA Garment and Textile invests on equipments and motivates its staff to remain aware of safeguarding the environment through best possible practices. These include:

  • Remains our environment unpolluted.
  • Using environmental and friendly equipments which require less energy to operate and produce less heat, noise and carbon emission.
  • Storing wastages regularly and recycle those wastages if possible.
  • Taking care of medical disposals.
  • Inspiring employees not to waste valuable water.
  • Empowering Operator to make the product Right First Time (RFT)
  • Happy Operator Project
  • Sports, fitness and co-curricular activities for all
  • Transportation facility for all
  • Upgrading & up skilling program for Operators & Helpers
  • Awareness training on workers’ rights & responsibility, health & occupational safety
  • Best Operator/ Helper/ Quality professionals reward
  • Super Market warehouse storage system.